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The Dark Web Demystified:
Mitigating Top Dark Web Threats to Your Firm

Across the Dark Web, user credentials like usernames and passwords are for sale for the highest bidder. This allows cyber criminals and threat actors access to personal and business accounts, resulting in account takeover (ATO) instances increasing at an alarming rate. That said - how do you know if your credentials are on the dark web? And what do you do if they are?

Join us on June 13th to learn from Eze Castle Integration’s cybersecurity experts on the top dark web threats for investment management firms and why firms need dark web monitoring as part of their comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Defining the dark web
  • The top dark web threats and how to avoid them
  • Examples of recent Account Takeover instances
  • Benefits of a dark web monitoring strategy
Featured Speakers:
  • Kamyar Kojouri, Director of Security Operations, Eze Castle Integration
  • Marc Shelley, Director of Product Management, Eze Castle Integration
  • Olivia Munro, Eze Castle Integration

Thursday, June 13, 2019
11:00 am EST, 4:00 pm GMT

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