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Prepare for the Unexpected: Business Continuity Planning

Webinar Replay: 30 minutes

In light of the recent attacks, many firms are bolstering up their business resiliency plans to ensure they remain operational during a natural, technological or man-made disaster.

Listen to Eze Castle Integration’s business continuity analyst and director of service discuss how firms and employees can better prepare for a disaster situation. Key discussion points include:
  • BCP best practices;
  • Strategies for ensuring all employees are personally prepared for a disaster;
  • Factors to consider when outsourcing plan development;
  • Key consideration for developing a Business Continuity Plan in-house; and
  • How often to test your firm’s Business Continuity Plans
  • Matt Donahue, Business Continuity Consultant, Eze Castle Integration
  • Simon Eyre, Director, Eze Castle Integration