Thanks for your help as we migrate customers from our old Portal platform to the new upgraded system. Because of the non-user specific nature of our old platform we are unable to directly reach out to most of our end users. Many users were given access from within their school or district, many have moved on to other roles, and even more are out there, happily working away, but completely off our radar. We need to hear from you!

As of December 2018, the old platform will no longer be available. To make sure you're on the list to receive access to the new Portal, please complete the information on the form below. This information is a critical first step in the process. Once your information is submitted you may continue using the old platform until further notice. 

Since set up of the Portal now requires an admin from your school or district, you may experience a delay while that person determines the best options for your school's existing systems. If you are the Admin, you will hear from Lab-Aids directly about next steps. If you are a teacher, you will hear from your Admin about next steps. 

Students - you do not need to fill out this form. You will be informed by your teacher when it is time to use the new Portal.

Thank you for providing the information needed to help set your account up on the new portal. When provided all the necessary information, processing generally takes 5-7 business days. Please expect a slight delay during the holiday week.