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Yes! I’m ready to transfer my balance to the HealthSavings InvestorSELECT HSA.

Have a health savings account (HSA) with a balance of $35,000 or more?** Switch to the InvestorSELECT HSA now to maximize your HSA dollars.

Transfer your balance before April 17, 2018, and you’ll enjoy

  • $0 annual administrative fee for the life of the account and NO setup fee (standard custodial fee deducted quarterly)
  • No-hassle, white-glove transfer from previous HSA
  • Zero investment transaction fees
  • First-dollar investing in a line-up of 80+ top-rated investment funds, including American Funds, Vanguard®, Dimensional, MFS®, Oppenheimer, T. Rowe Price and more
  • Ability to invest in as many available funds as desired

Beyond providing maximum fund flexibility to help you reach your investment goals, accessing this limited-time promotion could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fees over the lifetime of the account. That’s more money you could save or even invest for a healthy future.

This promotion gives you access to a premium investment product that is electronic-only,*** meaning you’ll receive all important notifications and statements via email and will not have access to a debit card. You will, however, have quick full access to your funds through various easy withdrawal methods. Learn more here.

Experience the HealthSavings difference.

Terms and Conditions

*The InvestorSELECT 2018 Balance Transfer product annual administrative fee is $0 for the lifetime of the account within this product and no investment transaction fees. A standard custodial fee (currently 6.25 basis points per quarter) is deducted from the account balance quarterly. Other fees may be assessed by individual investment providers. Learn more about fees online.

**The InvestorSELECT 2018 Balance Transfer product requires a minimum eligible HSA balance transfer of $35,000. After enrolling, customer has until April 17, 2018, to initiate a balance transfer of $35,000 or more into the product. If the balance transfer is not initiated by April 17, 2018, you may be moved into the non-promotional InvestorSELECT product, which will incur the annual administration fee currently being assessed.

***The InvestorSELECT 2018 Balance Transfer product is an electronic product. By establishing your account in this product, you agree to receiving electronic statements and notifications rather than paper, and you acknowledge that the product does not include a debit card. By requesting paper statements or notifications or a debit card, you acknowledge that you will be moved into a different product, and additional fees may apply.