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Have you met Marvin?

He'd like to tell you about 42 Silicon Valley's newsletter. He helps us send it out about once a month. While he has a lot on his mind, 42 wants to share what we have going on in and around campus.

There's loads going on at 42 Silicon Valley, from projects to events and hackathons to partnership announcements and more. Stay up-to-date on what's happening, upcoming events to attend, recruitment opportunities, open days, and who's been hired where.

General Newsletter Contents:

  • Recent blog posts
  • Photos from Intensive Basic Trainings (also called piscines)
  • Partnership announcements
  • Corporate events
  • Upcoming events and hackathons on campus
  • Student profiles and interviews
  • Projects, products, and companies created by students
  • Jokes, funny videos, and special highlights
  • love from Marvin