Making the Business Case for Company Culture

Unsurprisingly, top-level executives tend to be overly optimistic about their employees' happiness. That means trying to get them onboard with your beautifully laid-out culture programs can get tricky.

But you don't need a giant backlog of data to prove culture is worth the investment. In fact, a ton of studies have already shown the importance of company culture. Your job is to apply that data to your unique situation.

We've outlined the 4 steps needed to build a unique case for company culture, even if you don't (yet) have the data to fall back on.

In this free eGuide you'll learn:

  • The importance of skewing positive when presenting data to the exec team
  • The link between employee engagement and individual performance
  • How team happiness affects customer happiness
  • The key to increasing a single employee's effort level by 6%

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