2017 TCC Report

Building a High-Performance Culture: Key Lessons From Top Cultures

We're all curious about how other companies prioritize and achieve the business goals they set when it comes to company culture. CultureIQ is here to share a peek inside some high-performance cultures and provide considerations to help transform your culture into a competitive advantage.

In collaboration with Entrepreneur, CultureIQ polled 28,371 employees from hundreds of companies of different sizes, industries, products, and services to evaluate their company culture and create the Top Company Cultures list. This report details key insights gleaned from analyzing this data. 

Download the report to learn:

  • Which elements of culture are most important to winning organizations
  • Which areas to focus on when creating high-performing cultures
  • The importance of leadership in driving a winning culture
  • Areas and opportunities for effective culture change and management

2017 TCC Report Cover.png