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You'll see continuous live cutting demonstrations on the NEW Tsugami B0125-III LaserSwiss at MD&M MN. This 12 mm, 5-axis CNC Swiss lathe with an integrated laser cutting system lets you perform Swiss turning and laser cutting with a single setup and one part program. Because all of the laser’s functions are programmed and driven from the machine’s FANUC 0iTF control, using the laser is as easy as programming an end mill.

The machine on display at MD&M is the smallest, most economical LaserSwiss. It  has  a 200W laser, but customers can choose laser watts ranging from 200W to 500W.

LaserSwiss machines are available in 12 mm, 20 mm, and 32 mm platforms. Model selections include B-axis laser cutting, and a second laser head for welding.

"We looked at other machines that combine Swiss turning and laser cutting, but there just wasn't really any comparison. They've integrated the laser so well and the support we get is unbeatable." 

John Franchi, Principal
Northeast Laser & Electropolish

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