In this eBook, you will discover:

• How legacy ERP fails to meet the needs of today’s modern businesses

• How brittle on-premises systems drain your budget and your potential

• The impact of mobility and real-time data on your workforce, your customers, and your supply chain




Technology today is innovating faster than ever, but many business’ ERP implementations seem to be stuck in the past. If your business management solution was designed when fax machines were still the widely used standard, you risk falling behind your competition and significantly deterring your business’ growth potential.

According to recent research by Forrester, half of business owners state that they currently operate their organization on a system two versions behind the most current software release – often four or more years old, with an average system age of over 7 years according to Aberdeen Research. To put that into context, just 5 years ago, tablets and e-readers were considered breakthrough markets, Square and mobile payment processing were emerging technologies, and connected, IoT devices were just beginning to gain momentum. And yet, more than half of businesses trust that the technology from that year is capable of successfully addressing today’s dynamic challenges.