Discipleship Training School

Start your adventure with God in Kona, Hawaii!

DTS is more than just an education; it is a journey into the very heart of God, discovering His call for your life and how you can use your gifts, skills and education to bring transformation to the nations. Within a community dedicated to prayer, worship, and seeking God, we will challenge you to become the man or woman God desires you to be.

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Our next DTS starts April 5, 2018! If that's to soon, we have DTS's starting in July, September, and January 2019.


Your lecture phase will be in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, while your Outreach will depend on the quarter, but common locations are: Papua New Guinea, Panama, Marshall Islands, Haiti, and Cambodia.


How Much?

Lecture Phase costs only $3995 while the Outreach portion of your DTS will depend on where your DTS chooses for its location, but typically is between $4500 and $5500.