The Steps to
B Corp Certification



What will it take for your business to become a Certified B Corporation?

Join Rebecca Hamilton of Badger (a Certified B Corp since 2011) and B Lab staff for a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of getting certified. We'll cover the steps, expected timeline, and our top tips from working with thousands of companies. Learn how Badger made the B Corp Certification process into a valuable experience that improved their business.   

After this webinar, you’ll know how to:
  • measure your performance on the B Impact Assessment 
  • determine your legal pathway 
  • ace the review process to join the B Corp community

This webinar was recorded on July 13, 2017.

Hosted by:
Veena Harbaugh
B Lab, Business Development


Veena helps companies learn about B Corp Certification and find ways to improve their social and environmental impacts. She has an MBA from Presidio Graduate School and has worked for SF Environment, C2ES, and Salesforce.

The Steps to B Corp Certification with Badger

Rebecca Hamilton, Co-Owner/VP of Research & Development at W.S. Badger Company

Rebecca Hamilton is an owner and the VP of Research & Development at Badger. She oversees new product innovation from concept to market as well as Badger's sustainability initiatives, including a focus on regenerative agriculture and a new purchasing philosophy to ethically guide and govern sourcing practices. Rebecca has over a decade of experience in the natural products industry.

Jessica Friesen, Growth & Engagement at B Lab

Jessica develops strategies to grow and engaged the community of Certified B Corps through technology and marketing solutions. With an MBA from Boston University and a background in nonprofit consulting and social entrepreneurship, Jessica creates pathways for businesses to measure their impact and join an amazing movement of B Corps changing the world through business.

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