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B Analytics Demo

The 30-minute B Analytics Demos provide an overview of platform functionality and an opportunity to learn how cities, business associations, supply chain managers, investors, and other organizations are using B Analytics to measure what matters.

Measure What Matters with B Analytics

On September 1st, we released an enhanced version of B Analytics. This latest release features an intuitive user interface, and a host of new features that make analyzing your impact data and telling compelling stories faster and easier. B Analytics is:

Actionable: See progress at a glance and track activity across your network with My Dashboard
Flexible: Visualize any data point you ask of your companies in a variety of graphical formats with our new Flexible Reporting

Visually Intuitive: Quickly see the materiality of impact attained by your companies across all the concepts measured in the B Impact Assessment and identify areas for improvement with the new Impact Cloud

Best in Class: B Analytics’ new data visualization engine is built on Tableau, allowing you to combine the world’s leading impact framework with the market leader in business intelligence 

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