Are you ready to improve your impact or embark on B Corp Certification?
Are you a Certified B Corp preparing for recertification?

Learn how to make the most of the new B Impact Assessment platform to measure your company’s positive impact and complete the review process. Hear what it takes to go from signing up to completing certification or recertification

After this webinar, you’ll know how to:

  • Navigate the assessment and use help features

  • Submit for review and upload supporting documentation

  • Learn B Lab’s best tips and tricks for each step

  • Get tailored reports to improve your impact

Recorded on: September 26, 2017

Maximizing the B Impact Assessment
for B Corp Certification

Hosted By:

Julie Salerno
Standards Analyst at B Lab

As a Standards Analyst on the Review Team, Julie is an expert on the B Impact Assessment and works with businesses through the process of becoming Certified B Corps.

Jessica Friesen
Senior Community Development Strategist at B Lab

Jessica develops strategies to grow the community of Certified B Corps through technology and marketing solutions. 

Veena Harbaugh
Business Development Associate
at B Lab

Veena helps companies learn about B Corp Certification and find ways to improve their social and environmental impacts. 

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