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The Business Case for Inclusion

Listen to a free webinar outlining the business case for diversity and inclusion. Teams with greater gender and racial diversity show better performance in terms of sales revenues, number of customers and market share. We'll review the data and discuss how to integrate a focus on diversity and inclusion with your existing strategic objectives. Whether you simply want to learn more about the business case for diversity and inclusion or if you're making the case to senior leadership to prioritize participation in the B Corp Inclusion Challenge, this webinar is for you.

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RECORDED ON December 8, 2016

Looking to improve your diversity and inclusion related impacts? Download our first available guideThe Basics of Diversity and Inclusion.

Gerry Valentine, Vision Executive Coaching

Check out Gerry's compelling talk from B Inspired Philadelphia 2016 on the necessity of social justice in the conscientious business movement.

Jocelyn Corbett, B Lab

Jessica Friesen, B Lab

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