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Maintaining Mission: the Legal Requirement
for B Corp Certification

Recorded on March 1st, 2016



Still working on the legal requirement for B Corp Certification? Join B Lab's resident mission alignment experts Rick Alexander and Holly Ensign-Barstow and Standards Analyst Matt Nabhan to learn about the legal component of B Corp Certification. This webinar covers the reasons behind this component of B Corp Certification, how and when to meet the legal requirement depending on your form of incorporation, and tools for moving through the process. Then we dive into benefit corporations with the team that has been instrumental in passing benefit corporation legislation in over 30 states.

Note: this session
 is geared towards companies in the United States. 



Hosted by:

Rick Alexander
Head of Legal Policy

Holly Ensign-Barstow 
Mission Alignment Team

Matt Nabhan
Standards Analyst

Jessica Friesen 
Senior Community 
Development Strategist