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How: Steps to Certification with Cultivation Center
Recorded on January 27th, 2016

  Amy Rosenblum, Founder of Cultivation Center
  As founder and principal of Cultivation Center, Amy combines a passion for community-based work   with the pragmatism of a business background. She has worked as a researcher, development    
  director, consultant, and small business owner. 
Amy brings her experience from these endeavors
  into Cultivation Center, LLC to support community-minded organizations (nonprofits, small
  businesses, and social enterprises) to build their bottom lines. Outside of work Amy dotes on her
  dogs and eats pie in her airstream with her family.

Join Cultivation Center and B Lab staff for a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of becoming a Certified B Corp including what to expect, the timeline for certification, and how you can prepare.

  Kara Peck, Community Development at B Lab
  Kara leads community development for B Lab's Colorado office, working to grow the community of
  companies using business as a force for good. Kara has over ten years of experience in   sustainability, business development and strategic management. In her free time, Kara is a ballroom
  dance competitor and performer. 


Hosted by

  Jessica Friesen, Senior Community Development Strategist
  As part of B Lab's Community Development team, Jessica develops strategies to grow the
  community of Certified B Corps through technology and marketing solutions. With a background in
  nonprofit consulting, business development, and social entrepreneurship, Jessica spends her time
  at B Lab developing pathways for businesses to measure what matters and join an amazing
  movement of B Corps changing the world through business. Based out of B Lab's San Francisco
  office, Jessica lives in Oakland with her wife and adorable dog, Miri.