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The Path to B Corp Certification for Canadian Companies
Recorded on January 28th, 2016

  Joyce Sou, Director of B Lab Canada
  Joyce currently serves as the Director of B Lab Canada. Previous to her time at B Lab, Joyce worked
  at MaRS Centre for Impact Investing as the Manager of B Corps and Social Impact Metrics. She has
  helped build the B Corp community in Ontario and other provinces since 2011. Joyce is also a
  Chartered Accountant and, in a past life, worked as an auditor for over seven years at KPMG. She is a
  new mom and never tires of weird parenting hacks.

Using business as a force for good? Interested in exploring B Corp Certification? Join staff from B Lab Canada to learn about the B Corp community and how your company can join the movement.


  Jessica Friesen, Senior Community Development Strategist
  As part of B Lab's Community Development team, Jessica develops strategies to grow the community
  of Certified B Corps through technology and marketing solutions. With a background in nonprofit
  consulting, business development, and social entrepreneurship, Jessica spends her time at B Lab
  developing pathways for businesses to measure what matters. Based out of B Lab's San Francisco
  office, Jessica lives in Oakland with her wife and adorable dog, Miri.

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