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Securely attach photos, videos, voice notes and more, even right from your approved cloud storage apps like Box, Sharefile and others.

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Simple To Use HIPAA Compliant Communication Solution

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Healthcare Communication Shouldn't Come with Limitations. 


Internal and External Messaging

Safely and securely message colleagues, patients and their families. Quickly send a HIPAA Compliant message to anyone inside or outside your organization.


Care Coordination in Real-Time

Telehealth is an essential tool for all healthcare professionals, making it seamless to move between a message and face-to-face live conversations with providers and patients.
It can be difficult to communicate with fast-paced, mobile mental and behavioral healthcare staff. Lua helps you reach co-workers, collaborators and even patients and their families, while remaining HIPAA compliant. 

Thorough communication is vital to positive outcomes. Healthcare-focused features allow teams to coordinate in real-time, without limiting the amount of messages, calls and files shared. 

  • HIPAA Compliant Internal and External Messaging, Voice & Video Calling with providers, colleagues and patients
  • Group Calling, Messaging and Video Calls
  • Secure File Sharing and attachment storage
  • Customizable Security features
  • Fully Auditable and Accountable, including reports


Quickly Escalate to a Call

Phone calls with colleagues have never been so easy. Initiate calls (cellular or VOIP) from anywhere in Lua: no dial-ins or passcodes necessary. With one tap you can instantly call individuals or a selected group.

All-in-One Solution 

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HIPAA Compliant & Accountable

Lua adheres to HIPAA Rules and Law, helping employees to securely handle PHI, at all times. All communication and shared files are fully auditable and accountable, protecting organizations, providers and patients. 
Improve Communication Between Providers & Patients

External Messaging and Family Care Networks keep providers in contact with patients and their families, helping the treatment process run smoothly. Oftentimes, continued care is needed for lasting success. Lua makes it easier to follow up and check in with patients, encouraging them to create roots in a long-term support community.
Streamline Provider Collaboration

To develop and execute individualized patient treatment plans providers must be in close communication and up to speed with one another. HIPAA messaging allows you to share and discuss patient data with the same convenience and benefits of texting, without sacrificing security.