Home Health and Hospice professionals are the most mobile healthcare workers. While rarely in front of a computer, they need to communicate urgent information to colleagues throughout the day. Many have turned to consumer texting or video calling apps to meet this need. However, these tools are not secure and expose organizations to potential HIPAA violations and fines. Teams are now using Lua to manage their HIPAA compliant communications in the field and are able to extend that to texting with patients and their families.

Home Health Use Cases 

  • Enhance Care Coordination with calling and messaging
  • Communicate with Patients and Families
  • Real-time consultations with Telehealth
  • Share and Control Data with Custom settings
  • Send Quick Status Updates, Documents, Pictures
  • Deliver Urgent Broadcasts and Alerts
  • Improve Operations and Dispatch of Mobile Providers

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Lua: HIPAA Messaging and Video Calling for Home Health

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“We are happy we chose Lua for our HIPAA-compliant communication tool. Our staff saved significant time in care coordination. They no longer have to play phone tag to relay PHI information, which means we can deliver faster and better care for our patients. It is all about enhancing their safety and security."

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