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Copado Selenium Testing

We are delighted to invite you to the Copado Selenium Testing Webinar. We'll show you how to allow users to record, store, run and schedule Selenium Tests within Copado. Record data-driven tests once and run them securely on any Org using OAuth and more.

It will take place on June 20 Wednesday - 09:00(PST) - 18:00(GMT+1)


Webinar Topic

During this webinar we will cover how CST allows:

  • Automate regression testing for your solution in different environments.
  • Designed to test Salesforce or web apps.

  • Able to perform tests on Salesforce portals.

  • Chrome extension recorder for easy script creation.

  • Create data driven tests with different data sets for the same script and different settings per environment.

  • Organize tests in test suites and run parallel executions with test groups

  • Promote/rollback test case versions.

  • Run tests on any connected Org without adapting the test-script due to universal locators.

  • Support of 800+ browsers and operating systems including Mobile versions.

  • Include the QA team as part of your User Story release process on one platform.

  • View tests executions recorded in a video (depending on provider capacities).

  • Webhook enabled to automate when tests are triggered.

  • Enable automated regression testing for each User Story deployment or promotion release.


We have only 100 seats available; Hurry up and register!

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