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Marketing to Prospective Students with Alumni Analysis

2 p.m. EDT, Thursday, July 9

Showcasing how your graduates succeed in the job market is a key component for creating successful enrollment marketing campaigns. The Alumni Analysis for Labor Insightâ„¢ provides the data your institutions needs to demonstrate program success based on real-life career pathways of your alumni. By quantifying alumni career success, you can create targeted marketing initiatives that attract new students and alumni for further education. 

The second in a Series of Alumni Analysis Webinars, our team will show you how you can answer questions like:  

  1. What occupations, industries, and firms employ my alumni?  

  1. How do alumni progress in their career?  

  1. What ongoing academic success do alumni have?  

For more information view the Alumni Analysis page and view our webinar series schedule.  

Alumni Analysis Webinar Series 

July 22 - Find the Pathway: Use Alumni Career Data to Align Programs with the Job Market 

Learn how to use Alumni Analysis, the new premium add-on tool from Burning Glass Technologies, to determine which industries hire your graduates and how to spot program opportunities based on the careers your alumni choose. 

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July 29 - Strengthening Career Services with Data on Alumni Success

Learn how Alumni Analysis can strengthen your institutions career services by identifying which employers are hiring students from which programs. 

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August 4 - Assess How Well Your Programs Prepare Students for the Labor Market 

The Burning Glass Technologies team will walk through how institutional researchers and student success offices can use actual alumni career pathways to prove the return on investment of your programs. 

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