Driving Revenue Up and Program Review Time Down, Featuring California Baptist University

Learn how one Southern California college used jobs data to make evidence-based decisions to drive down program review and development time, create new programs, increase enrollments, and generate an estimated $4.7 million in revenue from their online programs. 

California Baptist University's Director of Academic Operations, Jeff Keneaster, and Burning Glass Customer Success Manager, John Chong, discuss how Burning Glass' labor market data was used in reviewing programs and adding 15 new courses to the college's Division of Online and Professional Studies. 

This webinar dives into how CBU used Program Insightâ„¢ from Burning Glass to: 
  • Drive down program review time to a matter of weeks 
  • Better align the curriculum with the local labor market 
  • Attract new students to enroll in existing and new programs 
  • Create new programs aligned with the market so students can graduate into solid jobs
This webinar will be hosted at 2pm on Tuesday, March 3.


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