Centric Software Events 
Rules of the Game

Event Attendance:
You signed up for an event, we are holding a spot for you and now you promise to do your very best to attend!  If unfortunately, something comes up and you can’t make it, you will try extra hard to let us know.

No Photography or Recording:
You are not permitted to make audio/visual recordings or photographs of the event or materials presented without our permission. Professional photographic or video equipment for use at the event is prohibited (sorry paparazzi!).

You may not post screen shots, photos, or distribute any copies of materials provided to you by Centric Software during the event.  You agree that any technical or pricing information you receive about Centric Software’s products or services during the event shall be considered “Confidential.”  You may only discuss such Confidential information internally within your organization for the sole purpose of considering the purchase of such products or services from Centric Software.  You shall protect any Confidential information in the same manner you use to protect your own most highly confidential information, but no less than a reasonable amount of care to protect the secrecy and avoid disclosure and unauthorized use of the Confidential information.

Opt in:
In order to send you information about this event, we need to opt you into our email distribution list otherwise you will not receive registration or logistical information. Thus please consider yourself opted in. As sad as we would be, you can opt-out after the event.

Centric Software events are intended only for current and potential customers.  Competitors, including their employees and independent contractors, are strictly prohibited from attending such events. You flatter us by trying to attend but we cannot let you in for obvious reasons! No copycats allowed!