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Partner Success Spotlight

ProQuest logo

Speed was the issue. Salesforce was the answer.

ProQuest wanted to be able to adapt to the ever-quickening pace of change and innovation and deliver fast solutions to their clients. Since becoming a Salesforce partner in 2011, they’ve broadened their reach by skilling up to gain multi-cloud and industry expertise on the platform. Watch their story to find out how this Salesforce partner grew their business all the way to Platinum level with gusto.

TEKsystems logo

From customer to partner. To industry specialization working with Salesforce teams.

TEKsystems started out as customer before acquiring an existing Salesforce consulting firm in 2017. They quickly worked to develop a cutting-edge strategy based on identified areas for growth in delivering digital transformation to their customers. Seeing high demand in the Financial Services and Healthcare industries, TEKsystems worked in tandem with the Salesforce Partner Development team to compose an industry-specific plan with a strong POV, delivery playbook, and go-to-market strategy. They succeeded in becoming an expert consulting partner in the field by utilizing Salesforce’s education tool, Trailhead, plus built a bootcamp program to skill up recent graduates and offer stay at home moms training to re-enter the workplace.

“The beautiful thing about Salesforce is that it's such an innovative company and they are constantly laying new runway ahead of the plane.”

Jeff Pigatto,

Managing Director and Global Head,


Horizontal Integration logo

A 360 view for its customers, and a growth model for the agency.

Horizontal Integration was founded in 2003, and started out as a traditional digital agency offering their customers solutions around content, websites, and commerce. While becoming very successful with their clients, they began to realize that the best brands went far beyond ad campaigns and were offering connected experiences to their customers. Horizontal Integration was only offering half of this experience. In 2018 they became a Salesforce partner, connecting sales, service, and marketing to their digital services. They were quickly able to offer new expertise to existing clients and use it as a way to distinguish themselves to new customers. Now they connect all the dots for their customers, and provide a 360 degree window into the entire customer journey.

“I’ve never been part of a partner ecosystem where one partner helps another up and along the way. You can have fun, have good values while you do it, and do some good for the world at the same time.”

Chris Staley,

Cofounder and EVP,

Horizontal Integration

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