By “sharing a meal” through Grameen Foundation,
you help provide women with the resources and knowledge
they need to grow more food, have better diets,
and break the cycle of hunger and poverty.



Skip a meal out to empower poor women and inspire a friend!

Lunch: the cost of
5 nutritious
meals for a woman in
rural Colombia

Dinner: the cost of 100 nutritious
meals for a woman
in rural India

Brunch: the cost of 15 nutritious
meals for a woman
in rural Ghana




*By sharing your friend’s email address, you are not adding them to our email list. And as always, Grameen Foundation does not share or sell personal information.

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Here’s how it works:

1. Skip a meal out and donate the money you would have spent by clicking on one of the meals below.

2. On the donation page you’ll enter the name and email address of the friend with whom you’d like to share a meal.*

3. We’ll send your friend a fun email to let them know you’ve shared a virtual meal with them.

4. Voila! You’ve empowered marginalized women and made your friend smile. You can repeat the process and share a meal with another friend, if you’d like.

It’s simple, really. Share a meal with a friend, and you’ll
be sharing a meal with a woman in need, too.