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LIVE DEMO: Digital Account Opening

Join us for a high touch, low pressure demo of our
digital account opening solution.

In the demo, you'll see:
  • ID scanning
  • Carrier data integration
  • Shopping cart-style checkout
  • Cross-sales opportunities
  • Admin portal

See for yourself how Gro makes digital account opening
ridiculously simple for your customers. 


Meet the Presenter

Paul Mackowick is the Chief Revenue Officer for Gro. He'll walk you through a demo of our solution and point out the significant value to you and your customers along the way. 


Gro Solutions provides a digital sales platform to drive acquisition growth for banks and credit unions, across all channels of their business. The Gro Sales Platform features innovative and intuitive software solutions designed to optimize both the financial institution and end user experience for digital sales tasks, such as account opening and loan underwriting. 

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