Game Plan for the Future: Make these your strategic priorities

What do your clients really want? What is the most important factor when they are selecting an accounting firm? What makes them consider leaving and looking for a new firm? We asked 331 firms and 354 clients, and used their responses to form the basis of these four strategic priorities.

Remember your roots – Execute the basics well
The business of running the firm can often distract you from what you do best. Staffing challenges, technology integration issues and other problems might not seem central to your firm, but they can have deep and lasting impact on your client relationships. Identifying these distractions is key.

Utilize Technology to support client service
Growing your firm isn’t just a matter of adding new clients. Clients have high expectations, and many firms are lacking in the technology infrastructure and staffing numbers needed to meet these resources. Leveraging the right technology can help you maximize the value of your employees.

Improve client communication
Besides cost, poor communication is the top reason for clients leaving a firm. Knowing specifically what types of communication challenges your clients experience can help you pinpoint possible solutions. 

Offer higher-value services
Clients that use more services are more satisfied. But understanding which services clients want and which add the most value isn’t simple. The more your clients find that you contribute to the success of their business, the more they will depend on you.

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