Smart Home Trends 2016

According to this newly published report based on research conducted by Argus Insights for, there is a slowdown in demand for Smart Home systems on a year over year basis.  

Consumers are experiencing challenges in the purchase, installation, configuration and support process for Smart Home devices.  Companies need to rethink go-to-market strategies for their IoT products and services.


Our new research offers a unique perspective into consumers’ social sentiment as it is is derived from an analysis of more than 113,000 consumer online reviews and social media conversations on the topic of Smart Homes and home automation occurring over the past two years. 

Download this report to uncover key insights for each stage of the Smart Home customer journey and explore emerging trends around concern about IoT device returns, importance of support experiences, need of professional installation services, and connectivity challenges.

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Argus Report:
Smart Home Trends for 2016
An Analysis of Consumer Sentiment