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The history, importance, and processes of Disaster Recovery. The ultimate guide to taking control of your Toll-Free numbers while protecting your business from carrier outages.

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How Important Are Your Toll-Free Lines To Your Business?

Toll-free inbound traffic is worth protecting for any business – large or small. With looming carrier outages, which can happen at any time, your business needs to plan for a disaster appropriately and create the sought-after redundancy that will ensure toll-free inbound traffic reliability when faced with adverse, and otherwise unforeseen, circumstances.

Protect Your Business

Your toll-free numbers are an essential asset to your company, but when a carrier has an outage, their resources are focused on reducing their losses. This puts you out of service until they resolve the issue. Every moment you remain out of service, you lose money.

Disaster Recovery enables users to quickly transfer service of their toll-free numbers from one carrier to another in the event of a catastrophic failure. This carrier redundancy you gain ensures maximum uptime allowing you to continue supporting your customers, acquiring new customers, and improving customer retention.

Take Control Of Your Numbers

You can split traffic by percentage, by geographic area, or even by day and time. By having this control in advance of a disaster it becomes a simple thing to move traffic away during an outage. It’s the fastest, easiest, and most efficient disaster recovery option in the event of a carrier outage.

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