There are three primary sales channels a supplier has when pursuing public sector business: responding to bids/request for proposals (RFPs) one proposal at a time, establishing piggybackable state term contracts, and/or winning a piggybackable contract award from a public sector group purchasing organization (GPO).

Sourcing Alliance provides our supplier partners with a publicly procured piggybackable contract vehicle that can be leveraged as a public sector sales tool nationwide. This approach enables suppliers and Sourcing Alliance to legally and appropriately build, in full compliance with public sector procurement requirements, a single cooperative contract that includes pricing flexibility, the supplier’s entire line of products and services, and the ability to configure a tailored solution for each customer. Our primary purpose is to grow and retain more profitable public sector revenue through the use of this contract vehicle.

Is Your Company a Good Fit for
Sourcing Alliance?

Sourcing Alliance is constantly evaluating potential suppliers to add to our cooperative purchasing portfolio. We developed a list of initial questions we pose to potential supplier partners in the interest of expediting the mutual qualification process for both of us. If you answer “Yes” to the following questions, there is a high likelihood of a good fit between our organizations:

  1. Is selling to local governments, school districts, and higher education institutions a critical part of your organization’s current revenue stream and growth plan?

  2. Do you find your current process of pursuing and winning public sector business frustrating, time-consuming, and generally painful?

  3. Is establishing a nationally piggybackable cooperative agreement as an alternative to the typical public sector bid/RFP process a strategic priority for your company?

  4. Do you have an in-house sales force that sells to public sector entities?

  5. Do you have at least five current contracts awarded to you by public sector entities following a formal, competitive public sector procurement process?

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A Few of Our Supplier Partners

Who are some of the Suppliers that participate with Sourcing Alliance? Here are some names you may recognize:

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Return On Your Investment
See how a partnership with Sourcing Alliance will yield a quick return on your public sector sales investment through growing and retaining your public
sector revenue. View the
ROI Calculator Walk-through Video.

Conducting targeted marketing campaigns to jointly identify public sector entities across the country. These campaigns cultivate opportunities for business attraction, retention, and growth, and set the stage for supplier sales representatives to initiate the sales process with public sector entities for whom the master contract is a viable solution.

Who is Sourcing Alliance?

Sourcing Alliance is a public sector group purchasing organization that works with our supplier partners in order to administer a select portfolio of already-procured cooperative purchasing programs. Each of our cooperative purchasing programs provides our suppliers with pricing flexibility, the ability to cross-sell their entire product line, and the ability to tailor the right solution for each individual customer.

Supporting the sales process by working hand-in-hand with your sales team throughout the sales cycle. Public sector entities frequently want to validate the legitimacy of the procurement process that established the master contract with each Sourcing Alliance supplier partner. Our team engages with public sector prospects to respond to these types of inquiries and provide the appropriate documentation so your team doesn’t have to.

Using Sourcing Alliance saved us a great deal of time in having to gather proposals, analyze them, and award the contract. Sourcing Alliance had done much more extensive procurement work than we have the resources to complete on our own.

~Scott Morgan
Operations Director and Fiscal Officer,
Cuyahoga County Public Library

Training your sales representatives on the customizable pricing, terms, and conditions of the cooperative master contract and how to sell their products and services using an already-procured master contract vehicle.
Developing sales tools that will aid in the sales process by addressing common legal and procurement questions so that your sales team can focus on selling your products and services, while our team handles customers’ legal, procurement, and compliance questions.

Going to Market with Sourcing Alliance

Sourcing Alliance’s already-procured master contracts provide public sector entities with the opportunity to compliantly buy directly from Sourcing Alliance’s supplier partners without having to conduct a traditional stand-alone bid or RFP. Sourcing Alliance works with our supplier partners to accelerate their public sector sales by: