New Feature in Release v14.1
Asigra Ransomware Protection

This new feature uses multiple detection engines to continuously scan your entire network, including your on-prem backup infrastructure, searching for threatening code. It’s also sophisticated enough to detect imposter viruses posing as files that belong on your network. 

The malware hunter’s functionalities includes:

Real-time AI-Powered malware prevention scans backups and restores, isolating malicious code and alerts administrators of infections. Before restoration, legacy recovery files are scanned again to prevent the Attack-Loop.

Attack-Loop Prevention

Zero-Day Exploit Protection

Soft-Delete Capability

Signatureless technology can identify unauthorized code without having to rely on a database of known malware.

Variable File Naming

Deep MFA

Instead of actually deleting a record, the soft-delete moves the data to a hidden folder for a set period of time pre-determined by the admin, deceiving the malware into thinking it has eliminated the backups.


The system can rename file repositories in non-standard formats to prevent recognition and deletion of backups by viruses.


Built-in, passwordless multi-factor authentication protects both users and backup tasks vulnerable to attacks.


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