Building Bridges To Bolster

Tanium: Building Bridges to Bolster Information Security

Building Bridges to Bolster Information Security

These are tough times for enterprise security programs. Threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeted, and are coming from a variety of sources—inside and outside the organization. It’s arguable that companies are facing greater information security challenges than ever.

The severity of cyber threats isn’t the only problem, however. While at many larger organizations IT and security are converging, there’s often a lack of close and effective collaboration between these disciplines. This is helping to create a growing gap between the attacks against organizations and their ability to mitigate the risks or deal with attacks quickly and on a global scale. That, in turn, can lead to significant and irreversible damage.

Senior IT and security executives need to take steps to address this gap or the security risks to organizations will only get worse. To that end, they need to explore technologies that can help break down the barriers and bridge the different, established processes that are crucial for both functions.