Intro to Workflow Formulas
Webinar On Demand


Melissa VanDyke
Solutions Architect

Mike Gerholdt
Admin Evangelist

The secret behind how an Admin can start providing major value to the business is when they are able to automate complex processes using formulas.

Growing this strength is also the gateway to learning how to code (or at least knowing when to code). It’s the foundation of the Admin’s ability to quickly assess requirements and give good indicators of how long a project would take and if the solution is within their ability to handle without APEX.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn where automation can ensure data quality for reporting
  • Reduce bad data with formula workflow rules
  • Know when projects can be automated using workflow rules vs needing developer resources
  • Learn to implement common workflow rules

Intended Audience

This session is geared towards admins curious about automation and solutioning; as well as developers interested in declarative tools.

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