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Recorded Webinar: New Ways Your Company Can Compete on Analytics

Duration: 30 minutes

Companies waste millions of dollars and thousands of hours on analytics projects that fail each year because analytics must be recoded within multiple applications, it takes weeks to months to build and deploy analytic models and analytic calculations that should be consistent yield inconsistent results. But what if your company could optimize to manage analytics?

Download this recorded webinar to learn about analytics management. Asif Ahmed, VP of Product at Aginity will share:

  • Introduction to analytics management and how it enables your company to succeed
  • Typical hurdles to implementing an analytics strategy
  • Integrating analytics management into your current ecosystem
  • Common business scenarios for analytics management

Asif Ahmed, VP of Product, Aginity
Asif Ahmed is the VP of Product at Aginity. He has over 15 years of experience leading the development of software for data warehousing, digital marketing and analytics management, with a focus on designing solutions to improve analytics initiatives at Fortune 500 companies. Currently, Asif guides product direction for Aginity Amp, including Amp's integration with solutions of Aginity business partners IBM, Cloudera and Hortonworks. His previous experience includes entrepreneurial success as a co-founder of SaaS- and Cloud-based software companies.  



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