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Design Group PLM team designed, sized and implemented PLM landscape consisting of 40+ Servers in 7 environments with advanced configurations for scalability, high availability and proactive monitoring. We implemented Windchill support services including proactive monitoring, patching and system administration help desk – 18 x 5 window along with a burst capability available 24/7. CAD worker configuration for CATIA to improve productivity by allowing users to easily and quickly share visual information across the enterprise. Configured Windchill PSM to Provides insight into Windchill application environment health with configurable dashboard. The integration of PTC Integrity & Windchill for requirement and test management is on the roadmap.
Barry-Wehmiller was founded in 1885 and is a diversified global supplier of engineering consulting and manufacturing technology in over 100 countries.

Design Group
is the Engineering and IT Consulting platform of Barry-Wehmiller network that operates from over 40 global offices in the US and India, with more than 1400 professionals having direct industry experience in software systems, industrial automation, design engineering, regulatory compliance and systems integration.

We are partnered with the largest PLM and IoT software vendors and experts in deploying cutting edge solutions around product lifecycle management, automation and digital transformation for mid to large scale organization.

With over 100+ successful PLM implementations, we take pride in helping our customers adopt and utilize PLM systems while moving forward in the digital transformation journey.

"I have worked in IT for 30 years and my team from Design Group are some of the best I've had the great fortune of working with. This is a great team and I wouldn't change it for the world. Thanks Team!"

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Customer had five business units using different PLM solutions, including Windchill 9.1, Agile, and Dassault VPM. The company decided to roll out PTC Windchill as their PLM and PTC Integrity as ALM solution across the enterprise, replacing a wide set of tools that company has accumulated through years. Barry-Wehmiller Design Group was contracted to architect, build & maintain the PLM & ALM environments.



“I am very well satisfied with the communication skills, response time, availability and skill level of the Design Group team. From the start, I have been impressed with the Design Group organization. Thank you to all of the Design Group team. I hope to continue this business partnership for a long time. With the help of Design Group and Windchill, I feel we can make huge strides in the coming years at Alliance Industries.”
“It was a pleasure to work with Design Group these past few weeks. We faced several new challenges and worked a lot of off hours but things ran smoothly. This was the second time we worked with the Engineer's from Design Group and it's also the second time we came away impressed with the end result.”


Design Group has been trusted by its clients for deploying PLM and digital/IoT solutions that is aligned with their vision, strategy, business context and culture. We help companies to continuously improve their engineering and overall business processes by leveraging partnered PLM and IoT platforms, which includes reduced cost to design and manufacturing, improved quality and accelerated time to market for new products.

Digital Innovation


We offer deep understanding in manufacturing and engineering processes, backed by our 133-year manufacturing legacy. We are a total solutions provider – one partner for your enterprise, engineering, and technology needs.
Leading Automotive Equipment Supplier
  • PLM advisory services
  • Business Process Analysis
  • PLM Software Implementation (PTC Windchill, Siemens Teamcenter, Infor PLM Accelerate)
  • PLM Software Upgrades and Data Migration
  • Enterprise Application Integration (CAD-PLM-ERP-MES)
  • Managed and Hosted Services for PLM platforms (Cloud Migration and Management)
  • Support and Maintenance Services
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Advisory and Consulting Services
  • Digital Manufacturing - Integration and Solutions Implementation
  • Data Analytics and Insights
  • Content Management
  • Smart Connected Products (customized automation solutions)
  • Mobility Solutions


- Increased performance efficiency by 25% with cluster configuration for handling the more than 10K users
- Highly secured data transmission by enabling HTTPs protocol for Cognos and Windchill applications.
- Implemented Cognos for improved decision-making and process efficiency with visual representation of real-time information.
- Reduced problem solving time by 50%. Thanks to a configurable dashboard to check the environment health of Windchill application.


Global Packaging Solutions Company


Current document process was managed in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Process/Document attributes were arranged in user friendly layout in multiple tabs of the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. Lack of a Windchill PLM UI Embedded feature to replicate the similar process currently managed in the Excel Spreadsheet. Creation/Modification of document workflow process. Document had nearly 100 business attributes and all attributes need to be updated using workflow activities without the manual intervention of having to check-out & check-in every time the Excel spreadsheet is updated. Multiple summary reports need to be crated from document attribute as there is significant illustrative way of representing change of attributes & related information.


Windchill UI Customization
Customer used to handle workflow process using Microsoft excel Spreadsheet, with custom layouts (i.e. Arrangement of attributes tabular format), micro and formulas to calculate the attributes, copy and paste values from one column to another column. These features were embedded within the Windchill GUI through customization that allowed Amcor to realize the changes within the Windchill PLM system.

Workflow Customization
Workflow process that customer had contained around 100 attributes which needed to be populated from multiple users of different department.  As part of Windchill PLM workflow execution all require information in attribute is gathered from users and propagated to WTDocument. In the event of any change in attribute value same could be changed from workflow activity and the iteration of editing the document would take place automatically.

Summary Reports/Print View
Customer used to generate the different reports from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet based on attribute values. Using Windchill PLM API’s, Design Group generated 7 summary reports in HTML or PDF format for workflow process based on attribute values. Customer has been now able to embed all these solutions within the Windchill PLM system offering greater productivity by cutting down the time in workflow process by nearly two-thirds.
Global Leader in Clinical Diagnostic Solutions


Customer had major challenge of migrating SolidWorks CAD data into PTC Windchill PLM system due to the unavailability of a proven tool for data synchronizing & validation. Customer wanted to integrate SolidWorks with Windchill for seamless transaction of data between the CAD tool and PLM system, which would allow them to manage SolidWorks CAD data within the Windchill system instead on the network drives.


Barry-Wehmiller Design Group SolidWorks custom migrator application
Design Group PLM team of highly specialized data migration consultants had developed specialized tools to facilitate SolidWorks CAD data migration into Windchill PLM system. The custom migrator tool automates SolidWorks data migration to PTC Windchill using Windchill Work Group Manager. The core capability of the tool is to upload the legacy CAD data into PTC Windchill through Work Group Manager. Design Group help customer migrated all the legacy Solid Work CAD data files into Windchill PLM system. The tool also had additional capabilities to set revisions, reuse existing CS objects and modify CS objects. Legacy data used for upload was cleaned before running migration tool. All of the CAD data to be migrated was kept in a single folder and through the application UI, the CAD data was loaded into the desired Windchill PLM context.

SolidWorks CAD Data Management using Windchill Workgroup Manager (WWGM)
Design Group implemented PTC’s Windchill Workgroup Manager (WWGM) for SolidWorks which act as a connector between PTC Windchill and SolidWorks CAD application. All data that’s been created within the SolidWorks is integrated with PTC Windchill system with the help of PTC WWGM.  The application acts as an intermediary to seamlessly send SolidWorks CAD data and its related information to the Windchill PLM System.



-  Increased user performance & productivity
-  Centralized control over product data/information
-  Improved collaboration in product development activities
-  Improved product quality


-  Seamless integration between CAD & PLM platforms
-  Improved efficiency & productivity
-  Improved collaboration & control of product data/information