Over the past few years, Visit Tillamook Coast has sponsored programming on OPB. “Visit Tillamook Coast’s sponsorship shots are stunning,” says Steve Bass, OPB President and CEO. The travel and tourism organization promotes the Pacific Coast area around Tillamook Bay in scenic northwest Oregon. “They reinforce that OPB is a statewide resource and highlight our reach to Oregon’s beautiful coastal communities. We are proud that they have chosen OPB as a partner to help attract visitors to their region.”

Nan Devlin, Visit Tillamook Coast's director of tourism commented about the value of their OPB sponsorship. 

What were the goals of your partnership with OPB?

To reach an educated, engaged Oregon audience that appreciates nature, environment and learning about the state, which we do through sponsorships of Nature and Oregon Field Guide, as well as OPB radio listeners. [Oregon Field Guide is a weekly program exploring ecological issues, natural wonders and recreation.]

How long have you been a sponsor with OPB?

Three+ years.

Who is your target customer?

Those who like outdoor experiences, culinary tourism, agritourism and cultural heritage on the Oregon coast. 

How do the goals of OPB align with your organization?

OPB reaches Oregonians who are interested in lifelong learning, environmental issues, outdoor pursuits, storytelling and informed news. This is how we approach our tourism marketing, too -- without bells and whistlers. It's just engaging information. 

How does this partnership/sponsorship with OPB help your organization achieve its goals?

We want to reach people through high quality, targeted channels. OPB offers that. 

Do you have any ROI or metrics to share in terms of results? 

Yes! We just did a brand awareness study, which we do every two years, and awareness of the Tillamook Coast has increased 62% since our first study in 2014.


52% had recall of our tagline “it’s the natural


24% had recall of our OPB ad slogan “what
           can nature do for you?”


32% had recall of TV ads (OPB)


25% had recall of radio ads (OPB)


65% stated Tillamook Coast is the best place   
           to enjoy nature


54% plan to visit the Tillamook Coast


62% will recommend Tillamook Coast



From your perspective as a sponsor, why is OPB important? What does it deliver to your community? 

We receive more positive feedback from local community members about how the OPB spots make them proud to be from Tillamook County. OPB has the reach and audience we feel is important to sharing our destination story. Local people tell us they see our sponsorship of Nature and Oregon Field Guide and it makes them proud to be living in Tillamook County.

Images courtesy of Tillamook Coast

This case study was commissioned by PBS as part of a nationwide project to reveal how sponsorship is an effective marketing solution.