Now operated by the fourth generation of Atiyeh family members, this Portland-based business has been serving Oregon for 118 years, with a retail showroom in Tigard—part of the Portland metropolitan area—plus rug and carpet cleaning facilities in Portland proper and Eugene. The family’s relationship with OPB reaches back into the 1990s, and their current run of annual sponsorship is now in its 13th straight year. “Atiyeh Bros. has been one of OPB’s longest running sponsors,” says Steve Bass, OPB President and CEO. “Their loyalty is remarkable. We hear many positive comments from our audience about the quality of their rugs and services. It’s clear that the partnership between OPB and Atiyeh Bros. benefits both of our brands.”


Kevin Atiyeh, a fourth-generation owner and the company’s secretary and treasurer, talked about the value of their OPB sponsorship.

What were the goals of your partnership with OPB?

We’ve always wanted to reach out to the community and support the community we work in and live in. OPB has been a long-term partner of ours.

How long have you been a sponsor with OPB?

It’s been in the decades.

Who is your target customer?

Our target customer profile is 40-plus in terms of age, in the mid to high income range. It’s primarily female, though it’s definitely a family decision when purchasing rugs and carpeting homes. It’s people who are looking for a good customer experience and building relationships.

How do the goals of OPB align with your organization?

OPB is very intertwined in our community. I think their goals and characteristics match up with ours. When you think of OPB, you think of professionalism, integrity, education—those are the customer service characteristics we instill here at Atiyeh Bros. We educate them, give them good value, honesty, integrity and go the extra mile to exceed customers’ expectations. [Sponsoring OPB] really does a good job of aligning their target market with ours.


How does this partnership/sponsorship with OPB help your organization achieve its goals?

We have a retail side where we sell rugs and carpeting and a service side where we clean it as well. That really attracts a wide target market for our services. Our customers view OPB and see us on there and appreciate us supporting [the programming]. We extend an extra cleaning discount for people who are OPB members, so we oftentimes hear people mentioning they saw our ads on OPB.

We’re happy to support OPB, because we feel like we’re supporting our customers and the things they’re interested as well.


From your perspective as a sponsor, why is OPB important? What does it deliver to your community?

Our marketing/advertising has been a mix of traditional media advertising and digital as well. We’ve tried some different stations in the past, but have always stuck with OPB because we see firsthand the value that brings. People mention that they see us on there and appreciate that we support OPB. We feel a good synergy there and have had nothing but good experiences with OPB.

Images courtesy of Atiyeh Bros

This case study was commissioned by PBS as part of a nationwide project to reveal how sponsorship is an effective marketing solution.