Energy Efficiency Kit

BayREN Home+ introduces our new Energy Efficiency Kit.

Free when homeowners register a BayREN Home+ user account, share their data from PG&E, and fill out our online Energy Efficiency Evaluation.

The registration process takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete and your EE Kit will be shipped to you for free within 1 to 4 business weeks. Below is an introduction to the Energy Efficiency Kit, possible kit items, specification or instruction sheets per item, a How-To-Register quick video process walkthrough, and a downloadable process guide. 

Possible Energy Efficiency Kit Items Include
Process Guide and Process Walkthrough

Need help getting started? 

We've created two resources to help make this registration process easier. Before you begin, you'll need your PG&E Account Number and the name used on your PG&E Bill.

Kits are available in three easy steps. 

  1. Create a BayREN User Account
  2. Fill out our Evaluation Survey
  3. Share your PG&E Data

Watch the Video Tutorial
Feel free to watch the video on the right for a quick three-minute introduction. You can pause or reverse the video as you follow the instructions.

Download a Walkthrough Guide
For all the 'readers' out there. In addition to the video, an eight-page walkthrough guide can be downloaded here (PDF).

Up to two (2) - Faucet Aerators

Specifications: 0.5 Gallons Per Minute, Needle Spray, Dual Thread, Chrome Plated, Easy to Clean.

One (1) - TrickleStar Advanced PowerStrip+

USB Motion Sensor, LED Notification, Power Connection, Adjustable Switching Threshold, Surge LED, Ground LED, Switched LED, Resettable Circuit Breaker, Always-on Outlets, Control Outlet, Switched Outlets, USB Motion Sensor Bracket, USB Extension Cord.

Model TS1810 User Manual: Download Here (PDF) 

One (1) - Kitchen Sink Faucet Aerator

Specifications: 1.5 Gallons Per Minute, Aerated Bubble and Needle Spray, Dual Thread, Chrome Plated, Easy to Clean, Saves an average of 6,000 gallons of water per year. 

Up to five (5) - A19 LED Light Bulbs

Energy Star Rated, Great for General Lighting, Table and Floor Lamps, Uniform Dimming, 75W Replacement, 12W Total Power Consumption, Low Heat, 1100 Lumens, 2700K (warm color), 90 Minimum CRI, 15,000 Hour Life Expectancy. 

Specification Sheet: Download Here (PDF) 

One (1) - Three-Spray-Setting Shower Head

Specifications: 1.75 Gallons Per Minute, Three Spray Settings: 9-Jet Spray - Shower - Combo, Steady Stream, Chrome Plated, Easy to Install.

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Copyright © 2019 BayREN Home+ Residential, Energy Efficiency Kit

Copyright © 2019 BayREN Home+ Residential, Energy Efficiency Kit

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