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Are you fed up with CoStar and LoopNet? Do Something Now! Join QuantumListing.

I've been a commercial real estate broker for over 30 years. I've used CoStar and LoopNet for many of those years, and yes they have a lot of data, but I have gotten fed up with their inaccuracy and expense.

I started QuantumListing to address those problems. It has lots of user friendly features and once your 3 month free trial is over, it is reasonably priced ($79.99/year for an individual user). What QuantumListing needs, though, are your listings, and if you don't have listings, we would love to have you search our users' listings. If you have listings but don't have the time to add them, we can add them for you. Click HERE to send us your listings.

Once your listings are in our system, we'll further help you by sharing them to social media. 

Watch this 3 minute video on YouTube to get a quick overview of many of our features.

I look forward to working with you,

David Perlmutter
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"Search for free. Post for less. Share everywhere. Decades of commercial real estate experience. What is the right way to feature properties in the mobile environment? We all talk about data. What are you possibly missing?"

Duke Long

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