Pardot Marketing automation

Pardot marketing automation by Salesforce puts everything you need to generate demand, nurture leads, and drive results in one easy-to-use interface.  

  • Create automated campaigns simply without the need for IT.
  • Easily customise and personalise beautiful, branded email templates.
  • Format landing pages for any device.
  • Easily share campaigns with Sales so they can send on-message content to prospects at the moment they're engaged.
  • Track the path each prospect has taken with a complete view of the buyer's journey.
  • Use the engagement analytics to help your team focus on the right lead at the right time.
  • Discover progressive profiling that helps you get to know your prospects better.
  • Keep an eye on campaign performance with detailed analytics.

Looking into setting up Pardot for your business? Grab this free guide to its key marketing automation features by simply filling out the form.