SIMULATIONiQ™ CaseMaster™ (patent pending), developed by EMS in partnership with Drexel University College of Medicine, is a cloud-based subscription system that enables learners to practice treating virtual patients and master clinical skills from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. It is heavily focused on cognitive skill improvement. Learners can attain mastery through repetition and deliberate practice, combined with immediate guidance and feedback.

SIMULATIONiQ CaseMaster’s Unique Features:

  • Create a variety of cases from easy to use templates
  • Access to more than 10,000 clinical orders
  • View spontaneous reactions (changes to vital signs, physicals, etc.)
  • Review instant debrief on case completion
  • Rerun cases multiple times
  • Assign cases to learners and be notified when a case has been completed
  • Evaluate learners’ performance

Limited Time Offer!

Institutions, Get FREE access to the CaseMaster platform for six months! This allows instructors to automatically assign cases to learners (med students/residents, DNP and PA programs...), have them run the cases (as many times as they like), and review their performance.

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