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Entrepreneurs are transforming the commercial space industry with breathtaking speed as capital and expertise flow to new opportunities in Low Earth Orbit and beyond.

The technology is in place and the markets are emerging, but what about the communications challenges facing the industry? How can fledgling companies use the tools of communication to make their case to all of their stakeholders?

The Brodeur Partners Space Group is honored to have one of the leaders of the space industry, Dylan Taylor, as our guest for the inaugural Brodeur Space Webinar.

Dylan is a leading angel investor, thought leader, and founding partner of Space Angels, a global network of commercial aerospace investors and entrepreneurs.

Frank White will join Dylan to discuss the communications challenges facing entrepreneurs in space. Frank is a senior consultant to Brodeur Partners and the author of The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution.


Join us for a 40-minute Webinar  October 18, Wednesday, 1pm EDT

Our speakers include:

Dylan Taylor, Founding Partner, Space Angels

Frank White, Author, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution

John Brodeur, Chairman, Brodeur Partners

Entrepreneurs in Space: The Communications Challenges