5 Fleet Safety Myths Busted

Don't let false assumptions hold back your fleet safety program

Fleet information and driver behavior systems generate cost savings and efficiencies that help organizations compete and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Yet many fleet and safety managers cite a host of concerns in implementing a fleet safety program using telematics. Some of those concerns have taken on mythic proportions that threaten successful implementation.

This e-book addresses five issues and myths, together with suggestions to avoid potential pitfalls to give you and your safety program a good start.

What's Inside?

  • Myth #1: Driver Change Management is Too Difficult
  • Myth #2: Safety Programs Increase the Burden on the Management
  • Myth #3: Business Goals Get Left Behind
  • Myth #4: This Just Addresses the Symptoms, Not the Problem
  • Myth #5: Safety Programs Cost Too Much
  • Takeaways