The U1000 can be used for standard and regenerative applications with the unique advantage of direct AC-to-AC power conversion. This unique design offers the best choice for induction motors (IM) and permanent magnet motors (PM).

The U1000 benefits include a near unity power factor, increasing system efficiency, enabling power regeneration and offering a very small footprint compared to conventional regenerative solutions. More over the Matrix converter can automatically switch the operation into bypass mode when running at grid frequency to reduce drive losses and motor noise.

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The U1000 Matrix Converter complies to marine standard and can be installed for offshore and marine applications. Various instruments are operated on a ship, including diesel generators, hydraulic pumps, compressors, winches, and cranes. The adoption of AC drives for energy saving purposes has been increasing in recent years, due to rising awareness on energy efficiency and environmental impact. Applications on ships and in the marine sector are another area where AC drives are increasingly being used.
This smart Yaskawa Matrix drive design provides significant footprint and weight saving. The Matrix technology reduces THDi to 5% without the need for external transformers or filters. The low harmonic performance results in near sinusoidal input current waveform that reduces efficiency losses on the system power supply. Additionally the reduced current distortion improves the power factor (PF ≈ 0,98) which finally reduces the energy cost and eliminates oversized transformers and wiring making the U1000 your first choice in low harmonic and high efficiency applications.

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U1000 vs. 18 pulse system (480 V, 250 HP / 185 kW)

Running a regenerative application like downhill conveyors, escalator or crane the U1000 eliminates the need to install external braking units and braking resistors. Here the conventional drive might trip due to the overvoltage and dissipate the regenerative energy as heat, which finally reduces the energy efficiency of the system.

The YASKAWA U1000 is the best suited solution for regenerative applications. The U1000 does not need any external braking options and their wiring.
It allows you to run 4Q applications and returns the regenerative/braking energy directly back to the power supply.
This advantage makes the setup more efficient and help to save operation cost by sharing the regenerative energy with other electrical devices in the system.

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U1000 vs. dynamic braking (480 V, 40 HP / 30 kW)

According to the forecasts of the United Nations World Resource Council, humanity's demand for energy raw materials, building materials and metals has increased tenfold over the past century to about 85 billion tons per year. In the past 30 years alone, the demand for natural materials such as coal, copper or wood has doubled. To meet the demand for resources in individual segments, for example, about three planets would already be needed.
Efficient drives can reduce energy consumption (e.g. less copper consumption at transformer stations or cable cross-sections).
The matrix technlogy inside the U1000 enables you to contribute to a greener tomorrow. With its minimalistic approach to provide a better total system efficiency without unnecessary waste in energy, space and resources.

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U1000 vs. AFE (480 V, 40 HP / 30 kW)

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