Fastest Robot
in its class

New GP-series delivers optimal speed, accuracy and range of movement in a sturdy, compact design.

High-Volume, High-Speed, High-Density

GP-series 6-axis robots are designed for fast-paced assembly, packaging and general handling processes. The superior speed of this robot family is only matched by its compact, nimble performance and simple, streamlined design.

Your fast Robot

Faster Cycle Times

  • Improved acceleration / deceleration control for all robot positions for faster cycle times.
  • Axis speeds have been increased by up to 39% - surpassing other robots in its class.

Better Space Utilization

  • Small footprint, slim-arm design widens your work area while reducing overall space requirements.
  • Hollow arm structure eliminates cable interference.

Less Downtime

  • Highest wrist allowable moment for reliable payload handling.
  • Easy washdown cleaning in harsh or sanitary environments.
  • Single-cable connection for fast setup and simple maintenance.

YRC1000 Robot Controller

  • High performance, next-generation controller
  • Built to a global power standard
  • Reduced space requirements
  • Improved I/O communication speed
  • Ergonomic, lightweight pendant design

GP Series

Robot Models & Specifications


  • 7 kg payload capacity
  • 927 mm horizontal reach
  • 1,693 mm vertical reach


  • 8 kg payload capacity
  • 727 mm horizontal reach
  • 1,312 mm vertical reach


  • 12 kg payload capacity
  • 1,440 mm horizontal reach
  • 2,511 mm vertical reach


  • 25 kg payload capacity
  • 1,730 mm horizontal reach
  • 3,089 mm vertical reach

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