Google Golden Triangle Research: Eye Tracking Study

Golden Triangle Border
The impact of the Google "Golden Triangle" has been discussed worldwide. For many readers, it confirmed what they already intuitively knew. Others found the intensity and concentration of the scan patterns surprising.

The research, despite the fact that it was only conducted on Google (or perhaps because of it), caught the attention of all the major search engines. Although we had been doing research on how people used search engines for a year and a half, this was the first time we had findings with such visual impact.

We believe any search marketer, or even developers of search technology, will gain insight that will make a significant impact on their search strategies. Not since our original whitepaper, Inside the Mind of the Searcher, have we been afforded such a glimpse into the mental processes that govern search sessions.

These are just a few of the questions we try to answer.
  • Is position everything?
  • If we don't find what we're looking for, do we lose confidence in the listings?
  • Does the eye move differently the first time it sees a results page versus its return to the same page?
  • How many listings do we look at before we decide?
  • Do different demographic groups scan differently?


Please note: This research was conducted by leading search engine marketing and usability agency, Enquiro. In October 2010, Enquiro joined Mediative.

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