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Every Kind Of LoveFind Your RingGet Inspired
Every Kind Of LoveFind Your RingGet Inspired

At Robbins Brothers, every engagement begins with a relationship. And we have a no-kidding commitment to anything that makes for a stronger relationship. That's why we're making it easier to commit to making more date nights happen.

Join the Date Night Nation!

Lucky couples who Date Night Nation have a twice-a-month chance to receive a Date Night Giveaway worth at least $100. Joining the Date Night Nation once earns you an entry each drawing, like an everlasting lottery ticket.

And that's not all. We'll have additional opportunities to earn entries, so stay tuned and listen for your chance to earn even more. 

Get excited, it's Date Night! 


Winning Date Night Giveaway in 2 Steps:

1) Let us know a little about you and a key moment in your relationship

2) Stay tuned to Robbins Brothers for additional opportunities to enter.




Share Your Date Nights

Date Night doesn’t end there. Whether you win or take your own date night, we want to celebrate with you!

Whether you win or not, capture and share your date night by using #DateNightNation #RobbinsBrothersheck throw in a #LoveHappensHere. Who knows…maybe we’ll find a way to celebrate with you.