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Human Centric Lighting: The Effects of Light on Employees: 

The concept of biophilia theorises that there is a connection between humans and nature. It follows therefore, that human centric lighting should be a vital consideration in commercial interior design.  Read more

The 'Human' Factor in Lighting Infographic: 

Creating a comfortable, consistent and supportive ambience suitable for human needs means employees are likely to be more productive at work.  View our Human Centric Lighting Infographic to learn more

Personalised lighting for agile working

Traditional office and lighting design is a thing of the past.  Gone are the days of office designs that cater to ‘desk-cramming’, gone are the days of ignoring worker’s individuality, gone are the days of poor productivity. Read more

Lighting that makes a difference

Human performance changes throughout the day, peaking at around 10 am and then again later in the afternoon. Lighting can be used to support, modify and regulate the human body in order to improve performance at times when naturally it would decrease, as well as to help employees relax at appropriate times so that they have the energy to perform their work tasks.

Research has been done into various aspects of light and its use in offices. The overall result was that 91% of participants preferred lighting which consisted of a combination of direct and indirect light distribution, wall washing and individual control of illumination level over each employee’s workplace.