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Human Centric Lighting: The Effects of Light on Employees: 

The concept of biophilia theorises that there is a connection between humans and nature. It follows therefore, that human centric lighting should be a vital consideration in commercial interior design.  Read more

The 'Human' Factor in Lighting Infographic: 

Creating a comfortable, consistent and supportive ambience suitable for human needs means employees are likely to be more productive at work.  View our Human Centric Lighting Infographic to learn more

Why Productivity Boosts with LED Office Lighting:

One of the main reasons for a business to consider switching to LED lighting, is because of the potential huge productivity boost to it's workforce. But why is this the case? Read more

Follow the rhythm of the day

Keeping the circadian rhythm in balance is essential to our physiological well-being. It regulates the sleep-wake cycle, therefore, it has influence on hormone secretion.

Two hormones determine the human biological clock. Melatonin is responsible for our
sleep, while Cortisol enables the active hours. It is proven that light exposure drives the Cortisol level up in the morning, suppressing Melatonin levels during the day.