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Health insurance for unexpected illnesses and injuries

Freedom to visit any licensed vet in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico

Coverage for as little as $1.25 a day to access best treatments available

Pet Cloud with mobile app to help manage your pet's life

Hello D.C. Bar Members!

Meet Figo Pet Insurance.

We know your pets are family.

 The D.C. Bar is excited to announce that we have partnered with Figo Pet Insurance to give all your family members the healthcare they deserve.


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"Figo has been life-saving for us! We were able to afford an unexpected MRI and surgery for our dog. Figo's coverage allowed us to focus on his recovery, rather than how we're going to afford the surgery. We're so thankful for Figo!"

-Kelsey F.

Preparation for the unexpected

Owning a pet is both rewarding and expensive. Pet insurance reimburses you for the cost to treat unexpected illnesses and injuries.

How it works

We've made it easy. After your pet's injury or illness is treated by a licensed veterinarian, simply snap a photo of the bill and upload it to your Figo Pet Cloud. You can expect to receive reimbursement in an average of 7 days.

Why it makes sense

Advancements in veterinary medicine are saving more pets than ever. Pet insurance empowers you to seek the best treatments available, regardless of price.

We know pet insurance can be confusing,

here's what you need to know...

Veterinary Specialist

Less Worry. More Peace of Mind.

If a pet has an illness or injury, and it is not a pre-existing or preventative condition, you’re covered. Period.

Prosthetics & Orthopedics

Here are some examples of what we cover.

Cancer Treatments

Veterinary Exam Fees (optional)

Congenital Conditions

Illness or Injury

Hereditary Conditions


Chronic Conditions

Emergency or Hospitalization

Holistic & Alternative Therapies


X-Rays, MRIs, CAT Scans, Ultrasounds


Hip Dysplasia

Knee Conditions


Your pet's life all in one place.

Introducing the Figo Pet Cloud

Check out what pet parents are saying about Figo!

Gina G. -  Very happy!

Alisha E. -  Well worth it!

Simple claims.

I'd never purchased a pet insurance policy before, but after my dog had knee surgery I realized the importance of coverage. The insurance is affordable and the customer service representatives are extremely communicative and helpful. Claims are simple to file and website is easy to navigate. I've recommended Figo to numerous friends and relatives. I love that they send my pet a get well card after she's seen the vet too. What a special touch :-)

Debbie S. - Love Figo!

Easy, efficient and trustworthy.

I reviewed every insurance company out there before choosing Figo, and feel I have honestly made the best choice. Their claims process has turned out to be as simple and transparent as they claimed. I also appreciate their website and having my pup's records at my fingertips, but most importantly I feel confident that my dog's health needs will be covered in the future and this is well worth it.

Great insurance company!

I got insurance for my dog. My dog had an allergic reaction to something he ate and within 2 weeks, they had closed my case and were sending me my reimbursements. Very happy with this insurance company. They also were very helpful when my billing information changed and helped to make sure that I kept my pet insured. Without Figo, I would have been stuck with a $1,000 vet bill.

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